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Show your stripes


Denim Drift

White Cotton

Give your walls timeless appeal with this simple stylish design.

The humble stripe. So simple, but oh-so striking. It’s one of the only patterns that we can truly say will never go out of style. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be given a little refresh once in a while, which is why we’ve combined this elegant narrow stripe with our Colour of the Year, Denim Drift, to bring it up to date. Try it on a feature wall or use it to draw attention to a feature you love – the vertical lines will also make your space appear higher and loftier too. Not bad for a few simple lines…

You’ll need:

• 1 litre of White Cotton matt emulsion (minimum)
• 1 litre of Denim Drift matt emulsion (minimum)
• 1 – 3 inch masking tape
• Tape measure
• String and small weight
• Paint rollers and trays


Mask off the ceiling and the skirting board. Paint the wall in a base coat of White Cotton and allow to dry.


Apply a length of tape from the top of the wall to the bottom (use the string and weight as a plumb line to guide you). Carry on applying strips next to each other until the whole wall is covered. Remove alternate lengths of tape to create your stripes.


Make sure all of the edges of the tape are firmly stuck before applying a coat of White Cotton over the top of the tape to seal the edges (trust us, this helps to keep your stripes crisp!) Leave to dry.


Apply a coat of Denim Drift over the whole wall and allow to dry. Apply a second coat.


Now for the best bit; carefully peel off all the tape and admire your beautiful stripy wall!

Dulux UK – How to create a simple stripe effect


Denim Drift

White Cotton

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