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White Mist

Thought neutrals were ordinary? This home office proves that they’re anything but boring.

A neutral colour palette needn’t mean playing it safe. Quite the opposite in fact! Going for a subtle shade gives you even more opportunity to get creative with your walls. Allow us to explain; a paint effect that might be a little too loud to live with in a bright orange or green suddenly becomes liveable in a palette of warm neutral tones – like this diamond effect for example. What’s more, a bold, graphic pattern will help to create ‘zones’, so you can carve a work space, reading corner or play area out of an open plan space, no problem.

You’ll need:

• 2.5 litres of White Mist
• 2.5 litres of Crispy Crumble
• Masking tape
• Tape measure
• String and small weight
• Coloured chalk
• Scissors
• Small paint roller & tray
• A3 paper
• Cloth
• Small brush


Start by making your paper templates. Fold each sheet in half, then in half again. Fold diagonally, then cut along the diagonal crease. Make approximately 20 templates.


Run your chalk over the string, attach a small weight to one end and tape the other end to the wall. Pull the string tight against the wall and pluck it off the surface to create a chalk guideline. Continue across the wall at 30cm intervals..


Apply four small pieces of masking tape to the back of each template and fix to the wall, centring the templates along your lines, one on top of another.


Load your roller with your chosen shade and paint over the templates and the spaces inbetween with your roller.


Allow to dry, then remove your paper templates, repositioning them as you work your way across the wall. Wipe away any chalk lines and touch up any mistakes with a small brush. Good work!

Dulux UK – How to create a diamond pattern effect


Crispy Crumble

White Mist

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