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Summer Pecan 3

How blogger Bianca turned an unloved spare bedroom into a functional and inspiring workspace.

Readers of Bianca’s blog French For Pineapple will already know that she doesn’t shy away from a decorating project (or three). Here, she explains what motivated her to give her spare bedroom a new lease of life and turn it into a functional space to use everyday.

‘The revamp came about as a knock-on effect from deciding to change the usage of two rooms in the house. We’d not been using the space effectively, so it was time to shake it up, and think about how we could change things to work better for the family.’

‘I wanted a nature-inspired space, so I looked at what I already had that would work in the room and what I could afford to buy on my limited budget. I think you end up with a really unique and personal look when you work that way – mixing things you already have with a few new and vintage pieces, rather than starting from scratch.

‘I needed a calm colour, that was also warm and inviting – something that would make me want to be in the room, and encourage me to concentrate! I’ve been increasingly drawn to browns over the last year, and camel and caramel tones are my new favourites! Finding the right shade wasn’t straightforward, but I always know instinctively when I’ve found ‘the one’! In this case, it was Summer Pecan 3, a lovely warm colour that I absolutely adore.

‘Even though it hasn’t been finished for long, it’s dramatically changed the way we use the house. Before, we barely used that room. Now it’s used every day, and happily at that. It also means I’m not taking my computer down to the dining table and taking over the dining room, which is definitely a good thing!’

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Summer Pecan 3

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