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How writer and blogger Caroline put a vintage spin on her small bathroom space.

As editor of interiors title 91 Magazine and founder of successful blog Patchwork Harmony, Caroline’s busy schedule meant her bathroom space was left unloved for longer than she intended. Here, she tells us what spurred her on to give her bathroom an update:

‘Although it was definitely in need of a refresh, the bathroom was still liveable, which is why we hadn’t got around to painting it since we moved in five years ago. But it was the installation of a new boiler that spurred us on, as we had the new cupboard in the corner built to house it, so this needed painting anyway. ‘

‘We used Dulux Timeless, which is actually the colour we used in many of the other rooms in the house. We wanted the space to feel bright and airy to give us a revitalising spring in our step every morning! To add a little bit of interest we painted the woodwork in a lovely shade of grey. I’m really pleased with the finish the matt paint has given - it looks much more modern to me.’

‘I wanted to add a few simple details in the room to lift it. As it’s such a small room, it only needed a few nice items such as a candle and a lovely bottle of hand wash.

‘On the walls, I’ve hung some of my vintage plates that used to be in the hallway. And that was basically it; a lick of paint, and a few decorative touches and it feels like a totally new room! It’s made the bathroom more in keeping with the rest of our home and feels fresh and bright despite being a small space.’

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