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This issue of Let’s Colour Magazine is special, because we’ve dedicated it to celebrating the neutral palette. There’s much more to these shades than beige – they’re everything from soothing grey-blues to dusky pinks and subtle off-whites. We’ve explored interesting ways to use this spectrum of muted hues to suit the look and feel you want to achieve, including exciting paint effects, intriguing colour combos and ways to introduce pops of colour to a neutral canvas. It’s time to explore your very own neutral territory…

The Dulux Colour team
our contributors

Rebecca Williamson

Senior Colour and Design Manager

Favourite feature in this issue?

Pick & mix– it’s incredible how simple uses of colour and pattern can transform the same space.

Marianne Shillingford

Dulux Creative Director

Which neutral sums you up?

Polished Pebble – because I believe that simple things can be beautiful given a little attention.

Louise Tod

Senior Global Colour Designer

Pops of colour or Scandi simplicity?

It has to be pops of colour! I love the combination of a sophisticated muted shade with a little touch of something unexpected.

Susie Clegg


Which neutral sums you up?

Jurassic Stone - a classic neutral. No frills or drama just a brilliant shade to build on.

Graham Atkins-Hughes


Favourite feature in this issue?

Wall-to-wall sunshine – I love eating outside, weather permitting of course, although I have been known to barbeque in the rain!

Dulux Dog



Being the centre of attention; leftovers; running through puddles.


Being told to get down from the sofa; going to the vets.

Did you know?

It takes two whole days of grooming and pampering for the Dulux dog to get ready for the camera. Lucky pooch!